Best Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV in India (2024)

Are you looking for the best voltage stabilizer for LED TV? If yes, check out our top six recommendations concerning the best stabilizer for LED TV and choose the one that protects your expensive LED or smart TV from voltage fluctuations.

best voltage stabilizer for led tv

So after doing extensive research on the web, we came up with this great list of the best stabilizers, which absolutely can provide you peace of mind.

6 Best Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV

1. V Guard Digi 200

2. Monitor Voltage Stabilizer

3. V Guard Supreme

4. Everest ECC 100

5. Candes TV Stabilizer

6. V Guard Crystal Plus

Best Stabilizer in India for LED TV

1. V Guard TV Stabilizer Digi 200 Smart

Features :

  • Weight – 4.48 kg
  • Input voltage range – 140-295V
  • EMI filter enabled
  • Digital display
  • Short circuit protection
  • Spike protection
  • 3-year warranty

The V Guard brand is recognized for producing top-notch products in the Indian marketplace. Among their products, we have selected the V Guard Digi 200 stabilizer model in the first place in our list of best voltage stabilizer for LED TV.

The product has an input voltage range of 140V to 295V, which keeps your devices working at voltage levels as low as 140 Volt. It supports a wide variety of TVs up to 70-inch.

Whether there is a low or high input voltage range, the product lets you enjoy thoroughly without messing up things.

Moreover, it comes with a digital display, which permits you to monitor the input and output voltage. The digital display also benefits in displaying significant indicators such as overload, low-high voltage, cut-off, etc.

With this display’s assistant, you could experience complete inner peace concerning your smart LED TV, Set-top box or other gadgets’ safety.

Also, the product is equipped with an EMI filter, which benefits from exceeding the electromagnetic waves and defend the associated devices.

The elegantly designed stabilizer has a durable cabinet and virgin ABS which makes it a long lasting product.

2. Monitor Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV

Features :

  • Weight – 3.2 kg
  • Input voltage range – 140-290V
  • 100% copper windings
  • Wall/Floor mountable
  • High voltage cut-off
  • 5 years warranty

The stabilizer from the MONITOR brand supports an ample range of TVs up to 65-inch. Also, one can use it for home theatres, gaming consoles, Set-top box, and Blue-ray players without any inconvenience.

Due to smart voltage correction technology, it monitors voltage just as the variations in the supplied voltage range to offer impressive performance and keeps your all connected gadgets on the safe side.

The Monitor voltage stabilizer is made up of a 100% copper winding transformer so it can offer you several advantages.

The copper recognized as an excellent conductor of electricity, so it generates low heat and has a better power factor than Aluminium.

You could acquire this product if you are searching for the best voltage stabilizer for LED TVs or other devices.

3. V Guard Crystal Plus Supreme Tv Stabilizer

Features :

  • Weight – 2.9 kg
  • Input voltage range – 90-290V
  • IC Technology design
  • Spike protection
  • Initial time delay
  • Built-in overload protection
  • LED indicator
  • 3-year warranty

The V-Guard crystal plus supreme stabilizer invented to support your 47-inch TV, home theatres, and set-top box with an input voltage range of 90V to 290V.

As we have mentioned, it comes with an advanced IC-based design, which adjusts the input voltage and assures a reliable output.

It has all sufficient features correlated to the earlier V-Guard stabilizer which we have addressed above in this listing.

If you are looking to buy the voltage stabilizer for 47-inch TV, this product can not be a bad deal.

4. Everest ECC 100 Stabilizer

Features :

  • Weight – 2.34 kg
  • Input voltage range – 90-290V
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Low-high voltage cut-off
  • LED indicator
  • Noise-free
  • 5-year warranty

The Everest ECC 100 stabilizer is made up of copper winding transformer which produces low heat and makes it a power-saving transformer.

The Everest ECC 100 stabilizer supports a wide range of LED, LCD, smart TVs up to 72 inches, also can be used for other devices including home theatres, set-top box, and Blue-ray player.

It comes with an LED status indicator which presents the input and output performance. The metal build durable product can be a great alternative to the V-Guard stabilizer.

Due to its demand among the consumers, this can be considered one of the best voltage stabilizer for LED TV in India. Also, one can get a five years warranty with this fabulous product.

5. Candes Voltage Stabilizer

Features :

  • Weight – 2.4 kg
  • Input voltage range – 90-300V
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Low-high voltage cut-off protection
  • Energy-efficient
  • Anti-rust
  • LED display
  • Wall-mounted
  • 6-year warranty

The Candes Voltage Stabilizer is built using the IC technology, which ensures extra safety for your connected devices.

Its time-delay system helps in protecting your gadget, plus the product is energy-efficient and offers various smart features.

It comes with an elegant design, smooth finish and metal body, which offers it a more extended life.

The product can support LCD, LED, smart TVs up to 65 inches, besides, you can use it for DVD player, and Set-top box as well.

The stabilizer is durable, lightweight and can be effortlessly mounted on the wall.

6. V Guard Crystal Plus Smart Stabilizer

Features :

  • Weight – 3 kg
  • Input voltage range – 90-290V
  • Smart output voltage correction
  • Comes with micro-controller technology
  • Energy-efficient
  • Digital display
  • 5-year warranty

Due to the incredible features, the V Guard crystal plus smart stabilizer converted one of the best-selling voltage stabilizer to buy for LED TV or smart TVs.

However, you may have to pay a little extra amount as compared to the Candes and Everest stabilizers, but it worths your every single penny.

The stabilizer comes with various safety features including low and high voltage cut-off, spike protection, built-in thermal overload protection and short circuit protection.

It sustains a broad range of TVs including LED, LCD, 3D, and Smart TVs upto 47-inch with an input voltage range of 90 Volt to 290 Volt.

Apart from TVs, the simple designed stabilizer supports gaming consoles, set-top box, and Blue-ray player as well.

Moreover, it appears with a durable cabinet & virgin ABS, for which the brand claims to be durable, though as per some of the users, the product doesn’t seem durable.

How to Buy the Best Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV

Here are some essential points to keep in mind while going to buy the best voltage stabilizer for LED TV or any other devices

Points to keep in mind :

  • Check the voltage range of your locality
  • Range of voltage stabilizer
  • Surge protection
  • Time delay function
  • Overload protection
  • Indicators
  • Digitized
  • Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best voltage stabilizer for 55 inch LED TV?

Choose any stabilizer from the above list, which can support a 55-inch LED TV, and you are good to go. However, if we were you, the V Guard Digi 22 smart stabilizer would be our top priority for a 55-inch LED or any TV. This stabilizer comes with various advanced features, which makes it a worth buying product. Also, the Everest ECC 100 Stabilizer could be an excellent & cheaper alternative.

2. Can we use same stabilizer for TV and fridge?

These two electronic devices require a different working range. Therefore it’s not advised to use the same stabilizer for both TV and fridge. Refrigerators demand low voltage cut-off stabilizers, while TV stabilizers come with a high voltage cut-off.

3. Can I use a UPS instead of stabilizer for LED TV?

Undoubtedly, UPS is one of the best options to protect TVs from line voltage fluctuations.

4. Which stabilizer is best for 50 inch LED TV?

You can choose between the V Guard Digi 200 Stabilizer and Monitor Voltage stabilizer.

5. Does TV need a stabilizer?

To prevent any damages due to voltage fluctuations, we use the voltage stabilizer for our electronic devices. As we have no control over electricity supply, so utilizing voltage stabilizers for TV or other devices keeps them safer.


These were our top six recommendations regarding the best voltage stabilizers for LED TV that one can buy in India to ensure their expensive devices’ safety. We have tried our best to make this great list and to introduce you to these great products.

After looking at the features and reliability, we have listed the V Guard TV Digi 200 stabilizer in the first position. This product has all the necessary features that you can wish to have in a perfect voltage stabilizer.

Suppose you have a low budget to invest in the stabilizers. In that case, you should go with the Candes Voltage Stabilizer or Everest ECC 100 Stabilizer, as these products are a great cheaper alternative to the Digi 200. So that’s it for this post. If you got any queries regarding the article, feel free to reach us.

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